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- Arrest suspects without Habeas Corpus. When to Revolt? - Still hinges on facts and information. - Still critical to ask institutional questions: o Are institutions operating? o Is there power review and alternatives? o Are justifications offered? o Are they acceptable? o Are they defensible? January 27, 2011 February 10 th - Speaker coming in Andrew Nantsios o 5:30 Thompson 102 - Civic Initiatives o Summer job Political Questions - Why do we obey? - When should we stop? - How should we act? Institutions – James Madison Marks - Capitalism Therapy to chance to world, internally driven – Freud
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Unformatted text preview: Opt out of society, a moral revolutionist - Michel Foucault In/Outs of Power -We obey political power. -We also obey social power. o At what depth? Roles and Status Conformity Psychology – Language/Signals/Stereotypes/Beliefs -V and Smith – external Governmental -Amberson’s and Wild – Internal V -When is government so far gone as to require violent removal? o State of Nature theorists – question of order. State of Nature Problems of State of Nature Solution Options for revolt...
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