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American Politics Thru Film-page4

American Politics Thru Film-page4 - o B A process whereby...

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Locke and Hobbes - Did not study or look at what happens afterwards. Mr. Smith - Individual within the system – calling it back. - Resistance by example. - Acceptance – even worship of the system o But is it all the different from V? Lost Causes - Old England - A more honest American Government. - Symbols that can only work o By moving others. o Mr. Smith was very controversial. o Smith – the movement was from within o V the movement was directly to the streets. o Lebanon/Tunisia/Egypt – what comes next. Revolt - Failure to provide order or - Failure to provide o A. Accepted explanations and possibly:
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Unformatted text preview: o B. A process whereby explanations can be offered and altered and contested. Wild -Play society -“getting away” -Nature v. Convention (Social expectations) -An awareness of the depth of conditioning -But completely unaware of the danger that lay outside of society. Amberson’s -Created by his role. -Ruined when society changes -Ignorant/unaware of the depth of his self-creation thru society. -Literally run over by change. Discussion January 31, 2011 The State of Nature -No government exists -Chaotic -There is a solution. Duty of the sovereign is to protect us as the subjects....
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