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American Politics Thru Film-page5

American Politics Thru Film-page5 - o V—when to get ride...

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Institutions Complexity Reason Cunning/Corrupted Lie Nature Simplicity Common Sense/Instinct Honest I need to watch this movie! Into the Wild - He thinks that Society is corrupt. - He runs away to Alaska, where he can be alone and be away from society. - Doesn’t want to be poisoned by civilization. He wants nothing to do with it. - Happiness is only real when it is shared. Revolution vs. Transformation vs. Escape. February 3, 2011 Why do we obey? Why do we want what we want? Where have we been? - Politics involves power. - External power o Foy—why we need it (hobbes/locke)
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Unformatted text preview: o V—when to get ride of it (substitute)? o Smith—how to call it back to its best (protest) o Williams—Difference between the governments—Smith’s government allows justification. -Internal o Society Leaving it—Into the Wild Not knowing you are in it – Amberson’s • Thoreau/McKibben Challenging it—the fountainhead • Tocqueville Deciding who should be in it – Crash/District 9 • Rorty • Foy and public opinion. What is progress? -An illusion -A reality o Progress in (name a virtue) o Progress in (name a thing) -An action (How) o Inevitable...
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