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o Impossible o Political Madison – Individualism/Isolation Marx – Dynamism/Alienation Freud – Status/Anxiety Foucault – The Assumption Into the Wild - Nature V. Society - Getting Away - An awareness of the depth of conditioning - Unaware of the danger that lay outside. o Can you ever get away? Amberson’s - Created byhis role. - Ruined when society changes. - Ignorant/unaware of the depth of his self-creation thru society. - Literally run over by change. - Change o Idealists – Better o Better – More prosperous Better, better, better. Are we paying attention to other people? The Human Side - The women fought the dirt all they could; but if they let the air into their houses they let in the dirt. It shortened their lives, and kept them from the happiness of ever seeing
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Unformatted text preview: anything white. And thus, as the city grew, the time came when Lucy, after a hard struggle, had to give up her blue-and-white currants and her white alls. Who were the progressives? Thoreau -Desperation o Walden was addressed to these people –“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperations.” o He wanted to give the ordinary citizen the inkling that there was more to life than economic striving. -Scold o A reproach to the possessive individualism of Western culture. o Liberal Individualism – Not competition but conformity lie at the heart of the human – the uniform, standardized life of acquisitive materialism. -Suggests o Heat...
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