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o Shelter - Why do we obey? o So we spend our lives working to get things we may not even need. o Because we think we need them. o Everyone else has them. o Political Implication: Why do people obey the state. They have so many possessions to protect. Therefore it is tough to be honest and have possessions. - McKibben o The distinguishing feature of our moment is this: Better has flown a few trees over to make her nest. Everybody wants more! The world economy is based on more. Is there someone in the US that could convince people that happiness does not lay in more, but that happiness exists in better. February 8 th Lecture Plato - Virtue o Right order of things.
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Unformatted text preview: o Truth o True speech o Distrust of rhetoric and mere opinion. o No persuasion only wisdom. Democracy is chaos and corruption. Nietzsche -No right answer, including the opinion of the mass. -Equality is a myth. -Holding back the climb of higer beings. -Man is a herd animal. -Comfort and equality are not the goals of life. -The person in his world is the Solitary. Tocqueville -Tyranny of Majority -Opinion becomes internalized. -Equality of opportunity not of property. Fountainhead -Objectivism -Roark – Ideal Man o Stand alone against the world. o Stands on top of it at the end. -Main Points o Individualism...
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