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o Spirit of Man and Integrity o Man v. Mob o Creators v Parasites - What he hates? o The mob (newspaper) o Leveling to the “little guy” (socialism) o Compromise o Public Opinion o Equality o External standards. - Contrasts o Individual vision/Social Standards o Individual/herd o Integrity/Compromise o Sufficiency/Need Love/money/praise/belonging What about recognition? Tocqueville - We may naturally believe that it is not the singular prosperity of the few, but the greater well-being of all that is most pleasing in the sight of the Creator and Preserver of men. What appears to me to be man’s decline is, to His eye, advancement; what afflicts me is acceptable to him. A state of equality is perhaps less elevated, but it is more just: and its justice constitutes its greatness and its beauty.
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Unformatted text preview: -Observer of that growth and the consequences. -Tyranny of the Majority – Possible Essay Question -Soft Despotism -Early Democracy -Contested by tending toward Universal White male suffrage o 1824 – 265,000 votes. o 1828 – 1,000,000 votes. Campaigns -Torchlight parades – competitive. -Music, entertainers, liberty poles. -Internationally notorious. -Action in getting nomination. -New York 1880 – 72 primaries, 111 conventions before pick a nominee. 20% of NYC got paid. -1002 nominating meetings in NYC in 1884 Majority Tyranny -People rule – equally capable of making decisions (public and private) o Providence has given to each individual…the degree of reason necessary for him to be able to direct himself in things....
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