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- What are the causes o Tocqueville – Equality o Roark – The individual o Thoreau – Illusion (or our ideas of it are wrong) Lawrence Summers Growth - “Cannot and will not accept any speed limit on American economic growth. It is the task of economic policy to grow the economy as rapidly, sustainably, and inclusively as possible. Amazing Growth - Fossil Fuel - Nitrogen o More economic growth in the past 200 years than in all of human history combined. - American Growth o 1947-1960 : 24% growth increase. o 1961-1965: Poverty dropped. - Problems?
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Unformatted text preview: o Inequality o Environment o Happiness McKibben -Smaller economies -More local economies -More account of what actually makes people happy. Progress -Other kinds of change --- how much but who? February 24, 2011 Class cancelled March 3 rd because of another guest speaker. -5pm -106 Thompson Midterm -Answer all the questions. -Use lecture notes. My argument -Progress has been defined an accepted as Economic growth. -As more stuff. -That may change and we may need to relook to our traditions for arguments for the change....
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