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American Politics Thru Film-page13

American Politics Thru Film-page13 - Art-Shows have huge...

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o The power is in the hands of the powerless. - The Reading that I didn’t Do Progress can only be made by utilizing all methods of political tactics in order to have a good balance and flush out corruption as much as possible. What do we want? - Money - Jobs - Stability - Health - Place to live - Power - Success - Education - Family/friends o A really hott wife. The Politian has to be balanced. March 1, 2011 Thursday 5pm 106 Thompson 3 Points too final grade! Ambassador to Yemen! A good exam is based on Lecture Notes Richard Rorty - Difficult reading. - Showing us that cruelty, that there are some things we did not see before.
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Unformatted text preview: Art -Shows have huge impacts. -Gives us a new way to pay attention to the pain of other people. -Ways in wich other people are shut out that we don’t know about. -That is the function that literature moves in many ways. It shows us other peoples pay that we do not see. There are problems in the world due to ignorance. Human beings will never agree. Populist: I’ll get you what you want. Lincoln -Best people to talk are former drunks. -Way ahead of the created 12 step program....
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