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March 10, 2011 Gap between Justice/Reality Frustration-persistence of the gap. Public wants answers but Politics of false consensus Agreement - Politics of flase consensus leads us to think that people agree – but they don’t. - So the “Gap” isn’t agree upon - People don’t agree on justice. - People don’t agree on descriptions of the world. - Enter politics and institutions. Politics/Persuasion - Selfish, immediate interests (All the kings men) - Higher interest (Lincoln and his persuasive tools) Politics/Institutions
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Unformatted text preview: -Law and Process -Vigilantes o Violent-Dirty Harry o Example-Gran Torino Frustration (Why should we have to?) -We think people are stupid. -We think people are misled. Institutions (why should we wait?) -We want results now. -The law only protects the evil. These institutions are keeping us from killing each other. Election Costs: 1757 -28 Galls of Rum -50 Gallons of Rum Punch -34 Gallons of Wine -46 Gallons of Beer -2 Gallons of Cider Royal -1 ½ quart for each voter -This was George Washington Campaign....
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