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American Politics Thru Film-page15

American Politics Thru Film-page15 - information to make...

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Campaigns 50% +1 Audience Rules Technology Resources SIGNALS! March 22, 2011 No class on Thursday! Politics - Pursuit of policy among diverse opinions. - Success ultimately based not on truth but on persuasion and compromise. - Communication often hides true feelings in a search for common ground. o Large audience o Low information rationality o Voters and signals o Necessarily incomplete, imprecise, slow, and frustrating for those seeking rapid, dynamic, and different policies. Note on Voters - They don’t know much…but o They make rational political choices.
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Unformatted text preview: information to make rational decisions. o Low information rationality o Signal Signals -Party -Incumbency or recognition -Like me (income or demographics or geography one of the people) -Personal characteristics -Experience v. not a politician. Basic Steps -Divide up the electorate – support, oppose, undecided. -Develop research -Eliminate voters -Direct resources Example -District: 150,000 people/Over 18: 105,000 -42,000 Not registered. -63,000 are registered....
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