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American Politics Thru Film-page16

American Politics Thru Film-page16 - to choose and act on...

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- 22,000 don’t ever vote. - 41,000 vote pretty consistently o 13,500 Democrats o 13,500 Republicans o 14,000 are Persuadables Campaign Message - The message answer the question “Why are you running.” It is the rationale for your winning and your opponents losing. o Tippecanoe and Tyler Too o I Like Ike o Morning in America o The New Deal o A Fresh Start for America o Building a Safer World o The federalist Papers o Change you can believe in Use of Message - A message is limited body of truthful information which is consistently conveyed by a candidate and an organization in order to provide the persuasive reasons for an audience
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Unformatted text preview: to choose, and act on behalf of their choice of, our candidate.” March 29, 2011 Simplicity -Something that we can understand. -We take short cuts such as incumbency and voting along party lines. -Repetition. Religion -Songs o Copeland o Government for Sale o Cynicism -Religion o Theology o Stance o Description o IMPORTANT VARIABLE Unaffiliated -16% of the people in US are unaffiliated with any religion. -About half of Americans say that they have changed their religion at some point in their lives. -55% are protestant....
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