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- 22% are catholic - 15% secular - 8% other religious. - Protestants o 22% Mainline o 25% Evangelical o 7% Black - Other Religious o 2% Jewish o 1.6$ Mormon o 1% Muslim What defines these groups? - Protest: Designating Christian bodies, beliefs, etc., outside the Communion of Rome and the Eastern Communions. - Catholic: As applied (since the reformation) to the Church of Rome (Ecclesia apostolica catholica Romana) = Roman Catholic, q.v. (Opposed to Protestants, Reformed, Evangelical, Lutheran, Calvinistic, etc.) FINAL IN CLASS ON MAY 3 RD …FUCK YES!!!!!!! - 6 essays to look into o on the exam you’ll pick pick 1 out of 2 Difference between Evangelicals and Fundamentalists? - Fundamentalists o A literal reading of in inerrant Bible o Avoid sin/righteousness. o Traditional Bible reading and hymnal services.
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Unformatted text preview: -Evangelicals o Evangelizing, or converting others into evangelical Christianity. o Contemporary worship services, oftentimes charismatic or free-form in style. o More at ease in the public, but possibly for strategic reasons. -Any differences between the two Christian groups has faded into obscurity. Even those who self-identify as one of the other have a hard time describing the difference. Summary -TV has clearly effected the way elections are run in this country and the way democracy operates. What is at issue here is something we simply assume without thinking too much about popular control, how do people exert control over who their elected officials are and what their elected officials do?...
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