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- Every individual congressman has their own individual issues that they care about outside of their district. Why are they the same? - They both are concerned with what is going on at home within their district. - They are both very smart and very curious. o They pay attention to you, make you feel as if they care about only you. - They compromise. - They are experts! They become an expert at something. - All take place in a structure that is run by committees. Films do not portray politics the way they could be portrayed. The subject matter just doesn’t work. Going through the actual politics is boring. April 21, 2011 Go online look at the Mid-term questions, there should be no shocks about it. Political Questions Being a Citizen - Movies: V for Vendetta and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
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Unformatted text preview: o When should you obey. -Making a Citizen o Nature and Convention – How to live, first part. -Define a Citizen o Other people, expanding kindness, living with others. o Movies: Crash and District 9 o Readigns Rorty posted Foy 12 and 13. o How can we think more inclusively? The Turn: Power -On power, heroes and bureaucracy. -Movies: All the kings men, dirty harry, gran torino. -Temperance Speech by Lincoln, Foy 10, Tocqueville Soft Despotism. -The individual or institutions? Choice, Elections: -The institutions. -Who picks them? -Movies: the candidate and primary colors. -Popkin Reading -What structures the vote decision? A Key Variable: Religion -Let us save our souls. -Movies: There will be blood and Elmer Gantry...
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