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- How does religion rate as a political variable. Information: The media - Movies: Citizen Kane and All the Presidents Men - What role does the media have in shaping opinion? Article One: Congress - Movies: Charlie Wilson’s War - Fenno )posted) - How does the institution work and why does this contribute to its unpopularity? Article Two: - The American President - How does the institution work and can anyone bear the burden of being a hero? Article Three: Justice - Justice - Movies: The people v. Larry Flynt - Rights are only for the unpopular. Interested Parties and Cynics (interest groups)
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Unformatted text preview: -Movies: Wag the Dog and Milk -Federalist 10 Posted -What are some real life views of the voting decision process? -Links back to all of the other classes. Ideal Elections Wise People The Political Problem -Break and control the violence of faction. -Mortal diseases under which popular governments have perished. Factions and Federalist 10 -Majority oppress a minority. -Minority gain powers and pursue self-interest. Nature of Man -Diversity -Property -Religion -Leaders Solutions to the Problem of Faction -Give everyone the same opinion....
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