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American Politics Thru Film-page21

American Politics Thru Film-page21 - Controlled...

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o But…” as long as the reason of man continues fallible, and he is at liberty to exercise it different opinions will be formed. o Remove liberty – cure worse than the disease. Control The Effects - Minoiryt faction prevented by numerous levels of government and by elections. - Majority faction is much harder to control. Majority Faction - Madison suggests – “Factions must be rendered by their numbers and local situation unable to act.” - In other words, a large, complex society. Assumptions - Humans are flawed/imperfectible. - Diversity/interests inevitable. - Compromise better than force. - Agree to disagree on “truth.” Main Results - Dynamic Economy -
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Unformatted text preview: Controlled Governmental Power o Federalism o Separation of Powers o Structured Debate Implications -Government as referee -Pluralism -Dynamism -Growth -Conflict The Opponents -Republicanism and virtu. -Small republics. -Large republicans lead to despotism. -Need for public vigilance, not private dynamism. The Explicit Argument -Size creates distance and diversity. -Diversity and distance lessens public scrutiny and participation. -Energy is directed to private pursuits. -Inequality and strife result. -A distant government, backed by a standing army, will take over in favor of one or another interest while the people are pursuing goods and income....
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