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- Tyranny results. - No matter how the good the system is, without Virtue, the system will fail. Echoes of the Anti-Federalists Virtue of the Population - Money - Civic engagement. - Manners/morals. Power of the Government. Power of other parts of society. Fear of diversity (Social/economic) - Immigration. Suspicion. Who? - Anti-globalization/Anti Free trade. - Greens - Anti-technology. - Living simple movement. - Christian Right - Home schoolers. - Militia - Anti-immigration. - Anti-foreign aid. - Against overseas involvement (right and left) - Value based learning. Monday April 25, 2011 Discussion People v. Larry Flint - A person against a community. - Community standards. - Question of the first amendment, freedom of speech. o The idea of freedom here is so powerful.
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Unformatted text preview: o That the whole argument is made about the idea of freedom altogether. o The lawyer has an argument saying he personally dislikes what is happening…but that is not what we are talking about. But he has the right to freedom of speech. Talking about the concept of toleration. This is the price we have to pay for freedom of speech. So if we don’t like someone or their views or their ideas, it doesn’t matter. If the community standard is against these different people with different ideas, it doesn’t matter. Because our idea of freedom is written down in the first amendment, Wag the Dog -He wants to fake a war in Albania to take the publics attention off of the Presidents sex scandal....
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