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Milk - Fighting for the rights of your group. All individuals have the same rights. Two other Movies to watch - Waiting for Superman, a documentary about the American Educational interests. - Food Revolution April 26, 2011 Want to Start With a Distinction - There is a difference between Campaigning and Governing - Care about WINNING! - In a campaign, everything you do is predicated on winning. - Campaigns are about Power. - Images are almost more important than words. - To win and seize power, you need a good message and plant to communicate it. o To win you need a GOOD MESSAGE! Communication Through Symbols - Campaigns can matter if they communicate. Popkin - Is the candidate like me? - Is the candidate likely to understand me? - Do I like the candidate? - Do I trust the Candidate? - Does the candidate share my values.
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Unformatted text preview: -Will the candidate do a good job. -Popkin said o Voters acted like clinicians: Inferring form limited information a broader narrative/story. Comparing candidate to a pre-exisitng stereotype, representative heuristic. Juding candidate on personal infor and how they look. Judging candidates based on the operative frames of the election. Using pseudocertainty – calculation shortcuts. -So, Popkin is calling Voters, low information drunkards? o Better than what some others scholars hae said. o But there are also some caveat emptros in popkin, he also says that challengers can rapidly catch up with incumbents in the polls. Why Incumbent Advantage? -Think of Fenno -Think of Day in the Life of Congressman -Think Charlie Wilsons War -American President – Power of Symbolism...
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