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April 5, 2011 Monday May 9 th Final! The Petrochemical Industry - About 3% of petroleum is used to synthesize a wide variety of organic compounds and polymers. o Plastics o Synthetic rubber o Synthetic fibers o Drugs o Dyes o Pesticides o Fertilizers o And thousands of other commercial products. Organic Chemistry - Petroleum is carbon based - 85% of the known millions of compounds are carbon based. - Organic chemistry is the branch of chemistry dedicated to the study of carbon based compounds. Why so many carbon compounds? 1. The ability of carbon atoms to link together in sequence with stable single, double, or triple bonds. 2. Their many structural branching and geometrical isomers that can exist.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The wide variety of other atomic and molecular groups that can bond to carbon. Five are organic compounds -Ethylene -Propylene -Lethylene dichloride -Benzene -Urea Alcohols -Alcohols are organic compounds where one or more hydroxyl or OH groups are attached to carbon. -CH3-OH = Methanol or hydroxymethane -CH3CH2-OH = Ethanol or hydroxyethane Primary Alcohol = Another carbon is attached to a carbon. Secondary Alcohol = There are two carbons attached to the alcohol carbon. Tertiary Alcohol = Three carbons attached to the alcohol carbon. The oxidation of methanol produces formaldehyde....
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