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Remember - Fatty acids are long chain acids. - They can be of different lengths. - They can be totally saturated. - They can bave one or more carbon to carbon double bonds – unsaturated fatty acids. - Unsaturated fatty acids can be cis or trans. - Some fatty acids can have alkyl branches or alcohol or keto groups on them. Fats and Oils - A fat is a solid triglyceride and an oils is a liquid triglyceride. - Saturated fatty acid molecules pack more Unsaturated fatty acids can be hydrogenated and turned into saturated fatty acids. Hydgrogenation can sometimes improve the texture of prepared food. However, it is better to consume unsaturated fats. Steroids - Have a common skeletal 4 ring fused structure. - Some carbon to carbon bonds in the ring can be double bonds and one or more rings can be aromatic or benzene like.
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Unformatted text preview: -Other groups can hang off one or more rings. Cholesterol -Most abundant animal steroid. -It is essential to life but too much can be bad. -Biochemical transformation can produce hormones. Waxes (or Wax esters) -Sources of natural wax esters are: o Lamb’s wool. o Brazilian palm tree. o Sunflower seed husks. Soap -Is the sodium salt of a fatty acid. Ivory Soap -Developed by Proctor and Gamble -Became a best seller. -It would say on the product that 99 and 44 100% pure. Back in 1883 -How pure it is depends on your definition of purity. -Cornell developed 99 and 44 100%s pure. -P&G used that number to capture the market and sell it. o They didn’t use it as a selling point, they used it as a trademark. o You can’t challenge a Trademark! o P&G doesn’t make it anymore. They sell it....
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