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AMH2010 Week 4 I. The New England Colonies A. Puritans, 1650 1. Massachusetts Bay Colony 1630 a. John Winthrop i. Governor b. Land grant given to Puritans c. Leadership of Colony was located in colony itself 2. Founded Boston in 1630 a. Capital and headquarters 3. John Winthrop gave a sermon a. “City on a Hill” sermon b. Laid out reasons why they were going to new world c. “Light in the wilderness, tat the people of England would look to and want to emulate. They would be the model of the church of England in the new world.” 4. By end of 1630s Boston has more than 13,000 people living there 5. Church governed by a set of laws called Covenants a. People could look to b. Why we have a constitution c. The Laws of Liberties of Massachusetts (1648) i. Combination of English and Biblical Law ii. Example: Trial by Jury (English Common Law) iii. Outlawed slavery in Mass. -Unless captured in law, strangers sell themselves, or sold to us. (NO white person could be a slave. ) iv. Had to attend Church every time doors were open v. Severely punished for laughing in church vi. Punished for crimes of immorality - Punished by death (Most commonly sleeping with animals also cursing and children put to death for disobeying parents) d. Theocracy: Church and government acted as one B. Massachusetts Bay Colony-Society 1. People came and settled as families a. Villages picked up and immigrated together 2. Life would be based on family and than the town a. Therefore also around the Church 3. Settled in town as defense 4. Each family given a small plot of land to grow family crops for the year 5. Everyone cattle would graze together on common fields 6. Built cabins with loft a. Family slept upstairs b. Cattle slept downstairs in winter
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7. Male citizens and member of the Church =voting rights a. Voting for town officials b. Very, very important right 8. Colonists were healthy a. families lasted longer b. Grandchildren were a possibility c. Cold killed mosquitoes d. Family becomes very essential to way of life i. Husband was head of family ii. Women did not have equal rights iii. He farmed and practiced trade (ex. blacksmith) iv. Wife held household duties - ex. Cooking, cleaning, sewing, tending livestock, made soap, cheese and churn butter, as well as beer and cider. - In charge of girl’s educations because they could not attend public schools 9. High price of education a. 50 families = elementary school b. 100 families= secondary school c. needed to learn how to read the Bible d. Harvard founded 1636 i. originally trained Ministers for Puritan church e. Yale founded in 1701 C. Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams 1. Roger Williams a. Minister of church b. Preached that Mass. Should have a separation of church and
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AMH2010-04 - AMH2010 Week 4 I The New England Colonies A...

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