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Early Political Parties Key Terms

Early Political Parties Key Terms - Sedition and Alien Acts...

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Early Political Parties George Washington, 1788-1796 Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury Tariff Act of 1798 “Report on the Public Credit” “Report on Bank of the United States” Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State Democratic-Republican Clubs Whiskey Rebellion, 1794 John Jay Jay’s Treaty, 1795 XYZ Affair Quasi War with France, 1798
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Unformatted text preview: Sedition and Alien Acts, 1798 Westward Expansion, 1783-1802 Daniel Boone Transylvania Company Wilderness Road Boonesborough George Rogers Clark Land Ordinance of 1785 Ohio Company Northwest Ordinance, 1787 Josiah Hamar Anthony St. Clair Anthony Wayne Greenville Treaty, 1795...
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