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Key terms 5 and 6

Key terms 5 and 6 - Early Problems Squanto Thanksgiving The...

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Early English Settlements and the Slave Trade Early English Explorers o John Cabot (1497 and 1498) Roanoke (1587-?? [1590-date Raleigh made it back to colony]) o Sir Walter Raleigh o “Croatoan” Word Carved on Tree Virginia o The Virginia Company (1606) o Jamestowne (April 1607) Early Problems with Jamestowne Powhatan John Smith o Tobacco John Rolfe o Reforms Edward Sandys, 1618 Plymouth Bay Colony o Separatists o Plymouth (1620)
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Unformatted text preview: Early Problems Squanto Thanksgiving The Slave Trade o The South Atlantic System Sugar • Barbados o Slavery in North America The Slave Trade • Africa • Factories • Middle Passage o Virginia Freedmen Royal African Company (King Charles II) Increase in Slave Population = Stricter Slave Laws o Carolinas Sir Ashley Cooper Charleston (1670)...
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