last notes before test 2 AMH

last notes before test 2 AMH - the Texans Had a strategy to...

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Alamo: Texas strategy: to hold an old church that they had turned into a fort at bay until the Texans could put together an army and fight the Mexicans. Old Franciscan church known as “the Alamo” -for 13 days, they withheld assault. March 6, 1836 Mexican army stormed the Alamo and killed all 200 Texans. -Texans were supposed to have been reinforced by a nearby group of Texan soldiers but the soldiers surrendered to the Mexican Army (they were taken out to a road and all executed by a firing squad by Santa Anna’s army on Palm Sunday, 400 men. Commander had a broken leg so they didn’t march him out; shot him in a chair in the face instead) -Santa Anna then invades the rest of Texas and brings the American settlements under his control Sam Houston: elected general of the Texas army, given the task to put together an army to fight
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Unformatted text preview: the Texans. Had a strategy to retreat with his army towards Louisiana the further east he went, the more Santa Anna had to lengthen his supply lines (barely had any supplies and Sam Houston turned around and attacked. -Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836: defeated Santa Anna’s army, 600 in 15 minutes and 900 were taken prisoner. Santa Anna escapes. -Sam Houston wanted him alive to bargain with him. -Santa Anna is given a choice when he was caught in disguise (sign over Texas’ independence or be killed…he signs over independence) Texas becomes its own country after the battle of San Jacinto Corps of Discovery: name of Lewis and Clark’s expedition Terms you don’t need to know for the test are on Blackboard...
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last notes before test 2 AMH - the Texans Had a strategy to...

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