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New France - AMH2010 New France and the Dutch West India...

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AMH2010 New France and the Dutch West India Company French Explorers : Jacques Cartier o The French followed the Spanish to the new world in search of gold, and they didn’t find wealth, they became involved in fur trade. o The French went to Canada, instead of South America, Cartier was the first to take an expedition and look for things in the new world o North America is between Europe and china, and this made Europeans think there was a water way connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific (called it the Northwest passage), this remained a viable idea until the 1800’s o Cartier though he found this when he discovered the St. Lawrence River, and he claimed all of this land in Canada and called it New France Samuel de Champlain o Quebec city (1608)- First to plant a colony in New France o French realized they would not be able to sustain mining or find gold/silver, but that fur trade will be the avenue to their success o This fur was very popular in Europe b/c these furs were made into clothes French Motives Lure of Wealth o Different than Spanish, though Missionary o Used these to make contact and business deals with the Indians o The French would provide metal objects (knives, pots, pans) in exchange for furs o The Spanish missionaries expected the Indians to come to them, the French Missionaries went out into the wilderness and took Indians as wives, raised Indian children, and the French got along VERY WELL with the Indians; made trade agreements, and paid the Indians for their work (not overworking them like the Spanish) o There were a few uprisings between the French and the Indians though, the Indians got upset when they realized the French brought disease o The French also helped to upset the balance of power o Algonquian’s (Indians that were the enemies of the Iroquois); The French gave them weapons to expand territory and take over the land to provide more furs. This made the French enemies of the Iroquois French Exploration of North America o The French expanded their fur trading empire to the great lakes, and they were the first to move into what is now Michigan and Illinois o They also expanded into what is now Missouri o Their outlet for furs became New Orleans, and founded New Orleans in 1718, it was est so that the French could ship their furs down the Mississippi and back to France
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o Not many French men actually went to New France (in the 1600’s 27,000 colonists went to New France; of those 18,000 went back to France); one reason this happened was b/c the land in New France was divided up and given from the King to the nobles for business purposes and this made it very hard for the ordinary person to own land o By the late 1600’s the French began have sugar cane colonies in the Caribbean o Most French men wanted to go to the Caribbean, instead of New France o In 1698, there were only 15,000 French men in New France, compared to 100,000 English men in the 13 colonies o The majority of these colonists were prisoners, sent to go to Canada
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New France - AMH2010 New France and the Dutch West India...

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