Notes - Age of Thomas Jefferson(1801-1809 Election of 1800...

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Age of Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809) Election of 1800 – America’s first electoral crisis o There was a tie in the electoral college (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr) o Adams had lost support because he refused to enforce the Alien and Sedition Acts for some Democratic Republicans o Jefferson was tied with Burr and the election then went to the House of Representatives where each state has one vote. Hamilton decided Jefferson was the lesser of the two evils and voted for him. Jefferson became president and Burr became vice president. Burr was a sore loser. o Jefferson was the first to be inaugurated in Washington D.C. Not the typical capital because it was dirty o Jefferson told the Federalists that they were all Americans and that he may accept some of their ideas. He also wanted to reduce the federal debt, like Hamilton. He decided he was going to stick to the Constitution and be a strict Constitutionalist. He also allowed the Federalist laws (Whiskey tax, A&S Act) to expire. o When he took office, the national debt was $80 million and when he left office, he reduced it to half of that. Lewis and Clark, 1804-1806 o Jefferson thought the states west of the Appalachians would break away from the nation and seize Louisiana from the Spanish. This was in the back of Jefferson’s mind and didn’t want it to happen. o French wanted to start a new colonial system in North America. They wanted to start it in New Orleans and Louisiana. Napoleon dispatched 40,000 French troops to New Orleans. A slave revolt in the French colony of Haiti occurred. Napoleon then diverted the troops to Haiti. The army was killed by the slave army and by tropical diseases. All of them were lost in Haiti. Napoleon tells Jefferson that he will sell him all the French land west of the Mississippi for $15 million. All this land was many, many acres. Jefferson then bought the land, making him a hypocrite. This was
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Notes - Age of Thomas Jefferson(1801-1809 Election of 1800...

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