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Spain in the New World Notes - AMH2010 *Bring writing...

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AMH2010 *Bring writing criteria to next class! SPAIN IN THE NEW WORLD The English are late compared to the Spanish The Spanish make great achievements thanks to Christopher Columbus o He was born in Italy in 1451 o He had gone to sea when he was 14 years old (1465) o He had been to Africa twice, and all over Europe o He knew the world was round, but he thought that is was a lot smaller than it was, and he thought he would reach the Indies. o 3 Voyage Ships; Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria o Set voyage, leaves Spain to sail West and Oct 1492 reaches the Bahamas o Columbus thought he has found islands off of the coast of China o 1494; The Spanish begins colonizing the islands, & the Spanish and Portuguese got into a fight about who was going to control the land in the New World, since both sides were Catholic the Pope resolved the problem by drawing a line and separating the world, so that the line passed through what is now Brazil and Africa, The Portuguese got everything that was East of the line. The Spanish got everything that was West of the line and begin exploring the new territories West of the line. Vasco de Balboa o The first European to look upon the Pacific Ocean and see that there was another ocean Ferdinand Magellan o Given men and ships to explore between the Americas and China o Sets out from Spain in 1519 and sails around the coast of South America, making it to the Pacific, but the ships he was using couldn’t hold everything he needed, they began to run out of food and water, causing men to die of starvation o First to discover the Philippine Islands, and gets shot with an arrow and dies. o The survivors of this expedition finally reach Spain in 1522, there were 18/200 men left and 1 ship. o This expedition showed how large the world really was and this was the first journey to sail all the way around the world. o The new world showed a lot of promise and wealth for the Spanish Spanish Motivations o “Serve God and his Majesty to give light to those in the darkness …” –Spanish explorer o Went to the New World with the promise of becoming rich (gold and silver) o The Indians offered a new population that they could spread Christianity to o These 2 goals collided b/c the Spanish, in order to get to the gold and silver, it lead to killing off Indians. o Spanish King had a document called “The Requirement”, that said we are here by order of the King and Queen of Spain to give you Christianity, and if you are hostile we will kill you. This was problematic b/c the Indians did not understand what the Spanish were saying, resulting in more killing of the Indians, due to miscommunication o By the 1520’s the Spanish realized there was no gold and silver on the islands, but they
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Spain in the New World Notes - AMH2010 *Bring writing...

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