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The New England Colonies

The New England Colonies - The New England Colonies 1650...

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The New England Colonies 1650, Plymouth was becoming established, a second group of Puritans wanted to form a colony in the New World wanted to reform the church of England from within; they wanted to establish what they wanted the church to be like and they hoped that England would take note of this and the church would change in their favor Massachusetts Bay Colony o John Winthrop was a leader of this reform Puritan movement, and was selected to be the governor of the new Mass Bay Colony o Difference was the leadership of the colony, and the headquarters of the colony were located in the colony, not in England. o These puritans left England in 1630 and reached Mass., founded Boston (the capital and headquarters of the colony) in 1630 o John Winthrop gave a sermon “ the city on a hill”; that talked about why the puritans were going to the new world, he said they were going to the new world to be a light in the wilderness and be a model of the church of England in the new world, so that the people in England would want to be like. o When the puritans reached Boston, by the end of the 1630s, there were more than 13,000 people living there. o Governing of the colony: laws called covenants, these laws were written down and formally followed, this was to allow the people to see what they could and couldn’t do. “The Laws and Liberties of Massachusetts (1648)” Law and liberties were a combination of biblical and English (common) law Common law gave the people a right to have a trial by jury and the laws and liberties of Mass. outlawed slavery Biblical law said you had to attend church every time the doors were open, you could be severely punished for heckling a minister, or laughed in church, people were also punished for crimes of immorality (sentenced to death) such as: sleeping with animals, adultery. You could also be put to death for cursing, or children not obeying their parents Theocracy: The church and the state were one The colony was run by the church The ministers acted like the governors and administrators of the colony Mass. Bay Colony: Society o People usually went to the new world as individuals, but in Mass. Your life was based upon family, people came as families and settled as families o People settled in this town as a defense, it also revolved around church o Within each town, each family was given a small plot of land behind their home to grow family crops, there you would grow enough food for the family to survive
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for about a year. Every ones livestock would be located on the grazing land the citizens shared o Families would sleep in the upstairs loft, b/c in the winter the livestock would sleep downstairs (most families didn’t have time to build a barn the first year they were there) o The town gov’t was very important, the men of the town (white and members of the church) could vote for town officers, and this was very important b/c you had the privilege to vote o
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The New England Colonies - The New England Colonies 1650...

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