Week 1 history

Week 1 history - Early Political Parties George Washington...

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Early Political Parties George Washington, 1788-1796 o Because of his popularity he was first choice for president o 2 parties Federalist Democratic Republicans o No popular vote o Washington was voted unanimously o Presidency like Monarchy o After his second term Washington left the White House o Farewell address written in the newspapers Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury Federalist= loose interpretation of the Constitution During the 1790s Cited for bravery many times Finical genius Wanted to abolish slavery o Tariff Act of 1798 Non president to be on bill Showed American can break away from England Federal government was higher than state Tax on import tax Encourage production in US Source of money until 1900s when income tax was set up Gives production of goods less competition Tariff and land sales- all that US govt used to make money (no income tax) o “Report on the Public Credit” 1790 Away to get rid of debt 12 million to foreign nation 25 million from states to private citizens 30 million from government to public credit Pay it back with 4% interest US will make good on debts o “Report on Bank of the United States” Based on Bank of English Sale 10 million of bank stock Interest would pay other loans Issue currency and would hold all US gold and funds Hamilton will use Necessary and Proper Clause to get bank Jefferson got upset because of this
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Washington allowed bank Merchants were using it 8 branches for business transactions Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State Intellectual and political genius He loved the French Revolution o Democratic-Republican Clubs In areas all over the country against bank Wanted all foreign presences to be pushed out Pushes US to war in 1812 Strong state government Strict interpretation of constitution Whiskey Rebellion, 1794 o Hamilton convinced government to tax on any drink but water o Tax collectors sent out o When some sheriffs in south PA got attacked by people who refused to pay o Washington put the rebellion down o Jefferson horrified that federal government would use force to put down rebellion John Jay Wrote federalist papers (one of three) Chief Justice of Supreme Court Sent over to England to resolve some things England was taking goods from Americans who wanted to trade with French Get British to leave forts Open trade with West Indies Get compensation for slaves taken during Revolutionary War o Jay’s Treaty, 1795 Did nothing for US and gave British everything they wanted XYZ Affair o French started to attack American market ships o Ambassador would not see the people sent over to fix things between the
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Week 1 history - Early Political Parties George Washington...

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