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How to Write a Biographical Sketch A biographical sketch is sometimes referred to as a professional profile. It is a brief narrative that presents you in the best possible light to prospective employers, clients and the general public. It is a useful tool for re-entering the job market or addressing audiences as an expert in your field. The biographical sketch summarizes who you are, what matters most to you, and how you add value to the people and organizations with which you interact. How to Compose a Biographical Sketch Instructions : 1. Be Creative . Tell a story that emphasizes your qualifications for a possible position you are seeking or reflects your accomplishments in a field of your interest. You can also choose a favorite quote and explain how it inspires your career goals. 2. Keep your biographical sketch to one page . Do not attempt to include everything from your resume. Highlight the points that you consider most significant or impressive such as schools you have attended--but not grade point averages--and positions that you have held, but not specific duties.
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