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Observer’s Name ________________________________ School: ___________________________________________ Teachers Name: _________________________________Your EDF1005 Teacher(s):_____________________________ Date: _____________Time of Observation: ______________ Grade/Age Observed _____________________________ First Visit Observation Guideline: Classroom Environment Make your observations and record information on the following: Describe the classroom physical environment—location of desks, teacher’s desk, shelves, bulletin boards, posters, student work displays, cleanliness, organized, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Classroom/Lesson Type (Language arts, math, science? etc.) How many students? Male/female; race; physical size; appearance. Describe the teacher (gender; age; dress; interaction with students) What were the students and teacher doing during your observation? Observe one student for about five minutes. Describe the student and what specific actions he or she is doing. Your reactions to this student and to the whole class? Time In/Out ______________________________ Observed Teacher Signature ________________________________...
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