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Observer’s Name ________________________________ School: ___________________________________________ Teachers Name: _________________________________Your EDF1005 Teacher(s):_____________________________ Date: _____________Time of Observation: ______________ Grade/Age Observed : _____________________________ Second Visit Observation Guideline: Student Diversity (Race, SES) Check for the following: Comments: Classroom/Lesson Type (Language arts, math, etc.) Describe the teacher (gender, age, dress; interaction with students) Number of students (gender; race; appearance) Classroom Rules/Routines/Procedures Reflection Questions : Students should answer questions and reflect in one or more sentences. This should take no more than 30 minutes.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. How diverse is the teacher makeup at the school? What about the leadership team? 2. Describe the diversity of the student body at this whole school? 3. What is the demographic makeup of this classroom? (example 4BMs, 2WFs, etc.) 4. Do you feel that the teacher is taking into consideration the demographic makeup of her classroom? (You can begin to judge this not just through watching instruction but also by what the teacher chooses to display in the classroom.) 5. Does the classroom makeup include students with disabilities? 6. How do you feel about teaching students with special needs after observing? Time In/Out_______________________________ Observed Teacher Signature__________________ ____-_________...
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