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Observer’s Name: ________________________________ School: ___________________________________________ Teachers Name: _________________________________Your EDF1005 Teacher(s):___________________________ Date: _____________Time of Observation: ______________ Grade/Age Observed: _____________________________ Sixth Visit Observation Guideline: Teacher Feedback/Student Interaction Check for the following: Classroom/Lesson Type (Language arts, math, etc.) Describe the teacher (gender, age, dress; interaction with students) Number of students (gender; race; appearance) Classroom Rules/Routines/Procedures Reflection Questions : Students should answer questions and reflect in one or more sentences. This should take no more than 30 minutes.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. How does the teacher engage students? Is the lesson more verbal or are students required to write? (Explain) 2. How are students reacting to the lesson? Are the majority of them “getting it”? 3. If students do not understand, how does the teacher change or alter presentation of information? 4. Write down exact words that the teacher uses when praising/reinforcing students. 5. Write down exact words that the teacher uses when correcting students. Time In/Out_______________________________ Observed Teacher Signature______________________-_________...
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