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Education Research Project(1) - INTRODUCTION TO EDUCATION...

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INTRODUCTION TO EDUCATION EDF1005-03, FALL 2011 DARLING/ LIGHT ACADEMIC CONFERENCE RESEARCH PAPER AND POSTER PROJECT This is the main course project that you will be completing for this class. Please read the assignment description carefully and make notes concerning questions. Additional resources and materials will be available on the course website. Instructors are available during office hours or by appointment, so be sure to communicate with us if you have any trouble or questions. ASSIGNMENT You may choose to work in groups of 2-3 or individually on this project. You will choose a topic that relates to education. After choosing a topic, you may choose to interpret it into either an activist, data, or literature based research paper for which you will submit a proposal for. Once approved, you may proceed to further research and write your paper. You will then translate your ideas into a visual display in accordance with academic conference guidelines and present during a Concepts of Education conference that we will host at the end of the semester. For an activist project a student identifies a particular need or issue in his/her world/community and creates a service innovation or improvement project to address this need. A data-based project may also involve a social change/ improvement dimension, but relies on the collection of data from human subjects* or an organization (e.g.: through interviews or survey) as the primary source of information. A literature-based project (e.g.: literature review or synthesis) is not as closely focused on a specific social change or world improvement project, but rather addresses a particular topic of interest through a review of relevant literature. Each of these methods involves a rigorous, in-depth examination of the selected topic that is presented within the context of a thoughtful critical literature review so that a reader may ascertain the specific significance and relevance of your project. THE PROPOSAL (DUE VIA ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION 11:59PM MONDAY, OCTOBER 10th, 2011) Citation: This lesson in an adaptation of a performance assessment project designed and written by James E. Light. *Check human subjects guidelines (link provided on blackboard) to make sure that you do not need special clearance for any data collection
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Once you have chosen a topic and done an introductory amount of research, your next step is completing a detailed proposal of your plans for the project. Make sure to include the following, in the following format: Your Name(s) EDF100-03 Darling/ Light Date Title of your Project Project Type: (activist, data, or literature based) Your thesis statement: Outline of Work: Briefly answer the following questions: NOTE: You will use these same guidelines in constructing your paper, so give these questions earnest consideration. 1. Introduction To The Project
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Education Research Project(1) - INTRODUCTION TO EDUCATION...

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