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Unformatted text preview: Multicultural Film  ­ Fall 2011 Midterm Review You will be responsible for knowing the following material on the midterm exam. Be able to define and completely explain the following terms, among others: ideology narrative (both linear and non ­traditional) tracking shot hegemony RSA ISA mise ­en ­scene the studio system vertical integration block bidding and blind bidding Hays Code (or Production Code) film noir film gris femme fatale kinetoscope nickelodeon The "Golden Age of Hollywood" The “Other” The Birth of a Nation D.W. Griffith Thomas Edison The Lumiere Brothers Be able to discuss each of the following in a short essay (1 paragraph) •The changing habits of American filmgoers from the beginning of the 20th century through the end of the "Golden Age" •The ability of film to express an ideology. •The major differences between the "Golden Age" of cinema in the 1930s and 1940s, and the cinema of the present day. •Film noir as an expression of the dreams and fears of Americans •The central tenets of major American film genres (comedy, Western, science ­ fiction, horror,), and how these genres have changed along with American society. •The difference between “classic” and modern Westerns. •Horror movies as the expression of the fears of Americans throughout history Be able to discuss the films we have seen for class, and the articles that relate to them. For example:  ­The use of stereotypes, especially as used for comedic purposes in The Other Guys  ­How Force of Evil criticizes capitalism in a film gris style  ­The ideologies of True Grit and how it represents the American West  ­The use of horror in The Shining, and how it might compare to the kinds of horror discussed in Belton.  ­How Talk To Me demonstrates how mass media can give power to marginalized cultural groups. You are responsible for being able to discuss all films and articles assigned so far! ...
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