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Movie Streaming FAQs FALL 2011

Movie Streaming FAQs FALL 2011 - Fall 2011 Movie...

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Fall 2011 Movie Streaming/Screening FAQs 1. Can I fast-forward and rewind streaming movies? The system is a "live feed," meaning it does not download the entire film to your computer. That being said, Quicktime generally allows you the ability to '’pause’, fast forward', or 'rewind,' but this is not always the case and an attempt to do so might boot you off the server and you'll have to start over. VLC almost always dumps you if you attempt to do anything to the stream. 2. I can get the movie to connect with the server, but it won’t come on and then QT, iTunes, or VLC player stalls or crashes! What’s the deal!?! My first response is: Don’t use VLC! This is, most likely, a bandwith issue. Quicktime is very reliable and is able to run at lower bandwith than VLC. If it crashes when it connects, your internet server is not giving you proper bandwith. There is really nothing we can do on our end. You will need to find another network ( sorry). Since we are now using QT and iTunes this has not been as big an issue as it was with VLC. The FSU wireless has been working fine. There are also computers in the library that will allow you to access the movies. <Make sure to check with a librarian as many of their computers don't have 'sound cards.' > If you are way off campus, you'll just have to find a way- sorry, but this isn't a perfect system. Take Note: you will not be excused for missing a film viewing and must take personal responsibility to find a way to view the film. 3. I was hit by lightning, fear that computers may steal my soul, or suffer from some other condition which will keep my away from any and all computers. What other options do I have to watch the films?
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