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Objectives: Chapter 15 (Therapy) (pages 637-671) Define psychoanalysis , and discuss the aims, methods, and criticisms of this form of therapy. Psychoanalysis- bringing repressed feelings into conscious awareness brings healing. (e.g, release of energy allocated to id-superego conflicts). Methods: Free Association: Saying aloud whatever comes to mind; pauses reveal points of resistance and Dream Analysis: Finding unconscious conflicts by interpreting the censored meaning (latent content) of dreams. Evaluation prefers kinds of sublimation. Criticisms: interpretations are highly subjective they cannot be verified or shown to be false, tremendously time consuming and the basic assumptions are not supported by empirical research. Contrast psychodynamic therapy with traditional psychoanalysis. Psychodynamic therapy- defends against thoughts and feelings, creates distress (maintaining a defense can be exhausting), conflicts involve social aspects of life, and provide an insight into problematic patterns of behavior can bring great relief. Identify the basic characteristics of the humanistic therapies. Humanistic therapies: Emphasis on the importance of self-awareness and self-acceptance, exploration of CURRENT feelings, defining of self in terms of FUTURE goals and plans for personal growth and humanistic
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Objectives_Ch15 - Objectives Chapter 15(Therapy(pages...

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