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chp 1 internet research topic

Physics and Technology for Future Presidents: An Introduction to the Essential Physics Every World Leader Needs to Know

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Maria Vaccaro September 6, 2011 phy1020 chp. 1 internet research topic A. On June 30, 1908, a large meteor came hurtling through the Earth's atmosphere above Siberia. It burned up before it hit the ground, but the energy of its midair combustion was widely and impressively evident. The energy of the blast heated the air around it to 44,500 degrees Farenheit, and this heat was felt powerfully by a witness forty miles away, knocking him off his chair and so hot he felt like he was on fire. Eighty million trees were knocked down, spread out all pointing away from the epicenter, where there were trees that were still upright but had been stripped of limbs and bark. This massive explosion resulted in incredible heat, light, and energy that was felt, heard, and seen for hundreds of miles. It was almost two hundred times more powerful than the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Had the meteor hit somewhere besides an isolated, sparse place like Siberia, the destruction could have been colossal. However,
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