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Physics and Technology for Future Presidents: An Introduction to the Essential Physics Every World Leader Needs to Know

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Maria Vaccaro Chapter 4 Internet Research Topic A. 5. How much does natural radioactivity vary from location to location on the Earth? Are there places other than Denver with high natural levels? Can you find records of the radioactivity for the place you live? According to , places called High Background Radiation Areas have particularly high levels of background radiation, which results from terrestrial and cosmic radiation. The highest background radiation levels are in Brazil, India, and China. The radioactive mineral Monazite is also responsible for these high radiation levels; this mineral is found in the black sands and dirt in the aforementioned areas. In Brazil, radiation levels can get up to 5 mrad/hr (about 43,830 mrad/yr), “which is almost 400 times normal background in the US.” In China, levels are not nearly as severe: about 300-400 mrad/yr; in India, doses up to 3260 mrad/yr have been noted. Levels of radiation in
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