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Physics and Technology for Future Presidents: An Introduction to the Essential Physics Every World Leader Needs to Know

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Maria Vaccaro Chapter 5 essay assignment A. 3. Fission fragments are important to understand, both for discussions of nuclear weapons and for nuclear reactors. Describe fission fragments and the key roles they play in these systems. What are their features that make them important? The primary danger of nuclear weapons lies in the nuclear fallout, which consists of fission fragments from the fuel used in the bomb (uranium or plutonium). These fragments are even more dangerous if the bomb explodes near the ground, where dirt and debris can fall with the radioactive fission fragments to the ground and do serious damage. About five percent of the fragments are the isotope strontium-90. This isotope is highly radioactive and can get into the food supply and become dangerously concentrated in bones. Fission fragments are basically two pieces of radioactive material that are blown off when a nuclear reaction occurs. They are so dangerous because of their high level of radioactivity. In a nuclear reactor, these fission fragments make up the radioactive part
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