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Physics and Technology for Future Presidents: An Introduction to the Essential Physics Every World Leader Needs to Know

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Maria Vaccaro Chapter 5 Internet Research Topic A. 2. Moore’s law: What are the current predictions? An IBM researcher, Carl Anderson, is of the opinion that the end of Moore’s Law is close at hand. He says this exponential growth of computer chips can only last for so long, and that eventually, chip developers will realize that producing the highest-tech computer chips is unaffordable (chip plants cost billions of dollars) and unnecessary for “everyday applications.” ( ) Anderson predicts that in the future, we will soon see three new technologies develop further: optical interconnects, 3D chips with stacked components, and accelerator-based processing. According to , Moore’s law is slowing down, but it is unwise to make long-term predictions of even a few decades. This article predicts continued exponential growth for register storage for vector operands, DRAM, and popularity of short
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