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concert report - Maria Vaccaro November 23, 2010 Concert...

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Maria Vaccaro November 23, 2010 Concert report: Gamelan and African drum and dance performance, 11/02/10 Students, faculty, and family members at The Florida State University were treated to a night full of unusual sights and sounds on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, at the first World Music Ensemble performance of the semester. The concert featured the Balinese Gamelan ensemble as well as the newly formed African Drum and Dance Ensemble: two distinctly different groups, each with their own international appeal. While both groups incorporated dance into much of their performance, the uniqueness of each ensemble was fully evident. Cultural Background Balinese Gamelan is a distinctive type of ensemble based on the principle, “unity in diversity”. This principle is expressed in the twenty-some different instruments working together as a single musical entity. This music is central to communities in Java, Bali, most of which boast their own gamelan. Village “banjars” are organizations that prepare and arrange all social, religious, and community activities, including the gamelan clubs that are a crucial part of every event. These banjars promote the Balinese concept of mutual cooperation. Although Bali has a caste system, the overwhelming majority is free to any occupation or education, including gamelan. Gamelan serves an especially important role in Hindu ceremonies, as the intimate link between musical sound and the divine. Music is also a key part of West African culture. Families known as Jeli
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concert report - Maria Vaccaro November 23, 2010 Concert...

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