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final study guide - 2-5Gamelan beleganjurGong cycle...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-5Gamelan beleganjurGong cycle: recurring sequence of strokes on different gongs: musical foundationCommunal interdependence: community works together to form a whole; integratedGongs (male and female): female is lower pitched than maleReyong : hand-held gongs, higher pitched: play elaborations of core melodyCengceng: hand-held pairs of cymbals: play interlocking patterns or unison melodiesKilitan Telu: standard rhythm created by cengcengKendang: leading drumsNgaben: cremation rituals: body wrapped in white and placed in 3-level cremation tower, which is paraded through the streets in front of the beleganjur from house to cremation grounds; defend against evil spirits by playing really loud and fast and spinning the tower; body is eventually placed in animal-shaped sarcophagus and burned.Malpal: loud/fast style used to confuse evil spiritsTriloka: Lower: trying to avoid this; Middle: earth; Upper: paradise world of the godsOmbak: "wave": male-female instruments are tuned slightly differently to produce wave-like soundAgama Hindu (Agama Tirta): Balinese Hindu religion representing a sycretism of Hindu, Buddhist, and indigenous Balinese religious elements...
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final study guide - 2-5Gamelan beleganjurGong cycle...

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