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mix cd - Butterflies Elephants and Cuckoos Oh My A...

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Butterflies, Elephants, and Cuckoos, Oh My! A Compilation of World Music Celebrating Animals This CD is a compilation of five songs from various countries representing five major continents of the world. Each song is inspired in some way by an animal common to the country from which the song originated. While some songs celebrate said animals, others are a call to hunt the animal. This CD is an exploration of the significance of animals in cultures around the world. 1. Elephant Hunt Song Group of Mbuti men and boys Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest Congo region of Africa The Mbuti people are a tribe of hunters and gatherers that live in the Congo region of Africa. They primarily gather food in the rainforest or hunt for small animals; however, this song suggests hunt of an elephant. The song consists of a constant chanting ostinato of several voices, and a higher, improvisational voice throughout. Some form of percussive instruments are also used; one maintaining a constant beat, and another periodically played with little clear rhythm. This song incorporates traditional African styles of layered ostinatos, improvisation, and call-and-response chanting. While the
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mix cd - Butterflies Elephants and Cuckoos Oh My A...

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