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Maria Vaccaro Critical Repsonse 2: Is  Crimes of the Heart  a “battle of the sexes” narrative?  Are there negative women?  Positive men? April 11, 2011 While Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley may be a feminist text criticizing the overbearing control of patriarchy over women, it is not necessarily a “battle of the sexes” narrative. It does not portray all male characters as domineering and all female characters as valiant victims, but rather aims to acknowledge the individuality of men and women as possibly separate from their demographic populations. Still, the text addresses the fight against patriarchy as each of the three sisters battles against the male in her life who is desperate for control. The three main female characters in the play, Babe, Meg, and Lenny, are three grown sisters who have begun to lead their separate lives but are united by tragedy: their mother’s suicide, Babe’s court case, and Old Granddaddy’s illness. Each of the sisters shows evidence of being subdued by a patriarchal figure. Lenny is antagonized by Old Granddaddy, as she essentially is, as Meg puts it, his “nursemaid” (48). She is reluctant to live her own life and “go
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journal 2 - MariaVaccaro

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