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Jonathon Romero Module 5 Pg. 77 questions 1. Derek’s time management strategies basically consist of him mentally setting aside time for all of his activities. Given his busy lifestyle and the many activities he involves himself in he has a chance to forget time he needs for homework and often he can get distracted by things he deems more important. He does set aside two hours a night to study but if he does not put in his full effort during those two hours he’s not accomplishing as much as he could be. His time management strategies are not working but he also needs to become more focused on his class work when he is working on it. 2. Some of Derek’s time wasters include watching TV and, even though personal fitness is a priority for him, competing in cycling races and working out at the gym are not responsibilities he has to fulfill. These are things that can be sacrificed to create more time for his studies. Procrastination is a major problem for Derek because while he has a designated study time he refuses to
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