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Jonathon Romero Module 7 Case Pg. 101 questions 1. The Socratic method of teaching used by Mr. Courtney would help new college students improve their critical thinking skills because it proposes a problem with many possible answers and ways to be solved but that requires a solid reasoning behind the answers. Students are required to take in all of the details and facts from a situation and arrive at a logical course of action. There would be no actual right or wrong answer as long as the student has reasons that back up their answer. This is very beneficial because in the workforce there may not always be one right answer and students would have to think on their feet to resolve the situation. 2. I agree with Mr. Courtney’s statement that “there aren’t always right answers” because in the work force there are rarely predetermined right answers to
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Unformatted text preview: every situation. Many of these situations are completely unique and can be handled differently depending on how they are approached. A college education helps students analyze these different types of situations and come to a logical solution on how to handle them. 3. Three things Desiree should do to get more out of Mr. Courtney’s class are to analyze arguments, assess assumptions, and avoid faulty reasoning. She needs to analyze all parts of a situation and possible courses of action before she can determine the best one. She needs to determine what assumptions she is making about a situation and determine whether or not they’re obscuring her judgment. She also needs to avoid faulty reasoning in order to maintain clear logic and sound logic. Using these she will do better and have a better understanding of the class....
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