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Jonathon Romero Module 8 Case Pg. 125 questions 1. Information Literacy is knowing what information is needed and having the ability to organize it in a way so that it can be easily analyzed. Even though he is “tech-savvy” he does not have the right skills for the class. He did not have the skills to do the research paper because he did not know how to do proper research, he did not know how to form the ideas necessary to write the paper, and he resorted to plagiarism in order to fill space. 2. Dario made a few mistakes when researching his paper. Instead of searching a specialized database set up by a library he just used Google to search for sources. He did not look for any professionally researched documents such as published books or journals. He plagiarized websites. Probably most hurtful to his paper was he did not ask his teacher, a librarian, or any other qualified person how he should go about doing his research in the correct way. 3.
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