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Jonathon Romero Module 10 Assignment Pg. 243 Step Four 1. To me the most difficult type of test is the essay. However, after reading the chapter the next time I take an essay test I am going to try to focus on the verb of the question, focus more on the precise answer, not worry about exact details, match my effort to the amount the question is worth, include details I know if I am unsure of the answer, and include an outline of my planned details if I run out of time. 2. To change students negative attitudes about tests there are a couple of things they can do to change their outlook. Students should be applying themselves to their class work and doing the best work that they can do. When this is the case the student should see the test as a challenge to prove how hard they have worked, and
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Unformatted text preview: if they put in enough effort they will be rewarded with a good grade. Another way to look at the test is that it is the proof that you are learning the material required to get your credit, which should be encouragement to do well. 3. Something I would add to this chapter that I have learned through my experience is to test myself before I take the actual test. Whether I do it with someone asking me questions, writing and answering my own questions, or practicing with class work, I test my current knowledge and aptitude with the material to see what I need to study and learn before the actual test. This helps me to study the information that is important and use my time efficiently when preparing for upcoming tests....
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