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Jonathon Romero Module 10 case Pg. 221 1. Before the test Joe should have given himself more time to study, approached the professor with any questions he had, and he should have prepared everything he needed for the test including his calculator instead of cramming the night before. During the test Joe should have focused more on the questions he knew and not looked around to see the other students’ progress. After the test he should have used his test as a guide and a reminder to have a better plan for his subsequent exams. 2. Joe Cloud does have test anxiety because he had a feeling of faintness during the review and when he took the actual test he seemed to have forgotten everything he spent the prior night studying. 3. The correct way to prepare for a multiple choice exam in an algebra course is to determine what exactly the exam will cover, plan a several day schedule before the test to review, prepare all of the required materials the day before, study so that the
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Unformatted text preview: material is understood enough to be able to eliminate nonsensical answers from multiple choice, and study important terms from the class. 4. Cramming doesn’t work for multiple reasons. When you cram you try to learn everything in a short amount of time your brain can’t retain everything so you will forget information for the test. Cramming raises your level of anxiety, hurts your amount of sleep, may hurt your immune system, and if you oversleep because of cramming you may miss the test completely. 5. I would think that most students would not cheat to keep their scholarship. Hopefully any student worthy of receiving a scholarship will have high enough morals to know not to cheat. Also hopefully students who have earned a scholarship would know that if they are caught cheating they would most likely lose their scholarship anyway and possibly be expelled from the school....
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