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Jonathon Romero Module 9 Case Pg. 196 1. I would Characterize Katie as a student with good intentions but poor follow through who doesn’t understand the importance of reading. Some of the problems she faces that could interfere with her college successes include: she doesn’t adjust her reading to the fact that she has dyslexia, she doesn’t dissect her readings, she didn’t take notes on her readings, she avoided and put off her difficult readings, and she didn’t ask her professor to help her with her readings. 2. Reading and studying are two of the most important skills to have in college and will be paramount in her pursuit of a college degree. Katie is only likely to succeed in her second time around if she changes her mind about reading. She will not be able to succeed if she maintains her resistance to reading but will have a
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Unformatted text preview: good chance if she applies herself to her readings. 3. Katie is very similar to a couple of mine friends. All three of them are intelligent students and when they apply themselves the can do well in school but they do not like to read. This prevents them from succeeding in classes where the professor doesnt lecture on the reading materials. However, only one of the two friends has dyslexia like Katie. 4. Three things Katie could do in order to get her college career back on track include: reassess the way she looks at reading and the importance it plays in her school work, approach her professors about her difficulty understanding the text and ask for their help, and quit procrastinating and putting off important assignments until the day before their due....
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